Reimagining task management

A workflow that increases productivity

In 1974, Harvard Business Review published an article about the importance of delegation, the politics of power, and time management. Its authors – William Oncken Jr. and Donald L. Wass – chose a great metaphor for the task and responsibility you hold, depicting it as a monkey on your back.

Inspired by this idea, we created a tool that helps the work team stay organized called lost.report – a task-tracker that builds better business relationships. All “monkeys” become visible and all team members know the rules of managing them.

“Management Time: Who's Got the Monkey?” became the most reprinted article in HBR in the last 40 years and motivated us to create this task management tool.

Lost.report is a task-tracker, created by researchers on team effectiveness

A tool for teams to stay organized

For more than 10 years, we conducted social and network analysis of teams in order to identify bottlenecks in interactions, overworked employees, informal leaders, and assess the contribution of different team members to the overall result.

We’ve created a project management tool, taking into consideration our own findings and the newest researches in the field of cognitive and social psychology. It’s important to know the impact of bonuses and penalties on performance and involvement, to make the mechanisms of cooperation clear, and know how to increase employees’ satisfaction.

In lost.report you can:

See the tasks from different projects on one screen

Instantly create tasks using hotkeys

Change priorities and make them visible to colleagues

Observe the actual progress for each project

Quickly invite new members, work with your team remotely and on the go

Assess the contribution of employees and see who moves the needle

Convert points into any kind of reward

Follow any popular project management methodologies (or don’t)

Be more productive due to the transparency and gamification

Lost.report is a tool for fast-growing companies when well-established business processes are crucial, as well as efficient team interactions.